We’re happy to announce that, as essential businesses, our in-person Boulder, Longmont and Denver farmers markets will be opening gradually (updates always posted here), starting with Boulder on May 23 , Longmont on May 30 and Denver on June 13.

Things will look a little different than usual: 

  • Rather than a place to hang out, socialize, and shop, this year’s markets will be strictly for grocery shopping. 
  • Please make a reservation for your time to visit the market through Eventbrite – Boulder Longmont.
  • Minimal walkups will be accommodated, and reservations are strongly encouraged.
  • For everyone’s safety, we ask that you follow our COVID response DOs and DON’Ts, below.

We can’t wait until we can commune together again, but, until then, thank you for your patience and support!

The following things will not be available at market until further notice:

  • No food samples
  • No market bucks (credit cards only, please)
  • No live music
  • No seating
  • No artisan shows
  • No non-profit booths

COVID response DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DON’T come to market if you’re sick
  • DON’T come to market without a reservation
  • DO pre-order (see below the list of vendors who are accepting pre-orders)
  • DO make a shopping list and plan your route
  • DO use the restrooms before you leave home
  • DON’T bring pets to market
  • DO limit your party to 1 to 2 people (reservations needed for each person, children under 16 do not need a reservation)
  • DO wear a mask (required)
  • DO use our hand-washing and sanitizing stations
  • DO stand on our six feet distancing marks
  • DO follow our one-way flow of traffic
  • DO keep your market visits short
  • DO use credit cards
  • DON’T use cash if you can avoid it (if you must, bring small bills. vendors who only take cash will be marked below)
  • DON’T touch any produce or goods
  • DON’T consume any food onsite
  • DO wash your food with food-safe product before consuming

Vendor List & Pre-Order Options

Here is a map of the market so you can plan your trip.

Farmers this week include:

  1. Black Cat Organic Farm
  2. Bookcliff Vineyards
  3. COCAC
  4. Hazel Dell Mushroom – cash only
  5. Highland Honey
  6. Honeyacre Produce
  7. Kiowa Valley
  8. Miller Farms
  9. Monroe Organic Farms – cash only
  10. Munson Farms
  11. Pastures of Plenty
  12. Rocky Mountain Fresh
  13. Sunrise Bison Ranch
  14. Toohey and Sons
  15. Triple M Bar Ranch
  16. WeeBee Farms
  17. Wisdom Natural Poultry

Packaged goods this week include:

  1. Augustina Winery
  2. Bloombox Foods (click to pre-order)
  3. Bolder Chip Co
  4. Breadworks
  5. Cajun Moutain Girl
  6. Carmen’s Salsas
  7. Chef PattyCakes (click to pre-order)
  8. Greenbelly Hot Sauce
  9. Green Tahini (click to pre-order)
  10. Happy Leaf Kombucha (Packaged To-Go)
  11. Healthy Harvest
  12. il porcellino
  13. Izzio Artisan Bakery
  14. Johnson Sharpening
  15. Outrageous Baking
  16. Papardelle’s Pasta
  17. Pastifcio’s Boulder (click to pre-order)
  18. Three Kings Kombucha
  19. Tortillería La Esmeralda
  20. Silver Canyon (drip and cold brew, beans only – Packaged To-Go)

Enjoy Food & Drink To-Go From:

Amaizing Corn Tamales – Pre-order coming soon!

Tacos del Norte – Pre-order here!

Zeal – Pre-order here!

Here is a map of the market so you can plan your trip.

Farmers this week include:

  1. Arrowhead Dahilas
  2. Bookcliff Vineyards
  3. Hazel Dell
  4. Highland Honey
  5. Honeyacre Produce
  6. Kiowa Valley Organic
  7. Lazy Bee Ranch
  8. Oxford Farms
  9. Miller Farms
  10. Mini Moo’s
  11. Rocky Mountain Fresh
  12. Triple M Bar Ranch
  13. Weebee Farms

Packaged goods this week include:

  1. Baba & Pops
  2. Bloombox Foods
  3. Cajun Mountain Grill
  4. Crummie’s Meatless Crumble
  5. Bolder Chip Co.
  6. Green Belly Foods
  7. Healthy Harvest
  8. Happy Leaf Kombucha – (Packaged To-Go)
  9. Izzio Bakery
  10. Johnson’s Sharpening
  11. Knucklepuck Brewing Co. – (Packaged To-Go)
  12. Mountain Fountain
  13. Outrageous Baking
  14. Pappardelle’s Pasta
  15. Silver Canyon – (Packaged To-Go)
  16. Styria Bakery
  17. Tortilleria Esmeralda

Enjoy Food & Drink To-Go From:


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