by Brian Coppom, executive director of Boulder County Farmers Markets


Welcome to the Boulder County Farmers Markets blog. We are excited to use this format to discuss the many aspects of local farming, ranching, and building a robust and thriving local food system. Over time, you will find posts from a wide variety of contributors including farmers, vendors, our staff, guests and even our board members. Each post will bring a unique perspective to the table on the many joys of local agriculture — and some of the heartaches and headaches, too.

I am convinced that local farms, particularly those that grow or raise food directly for the people around them, are the foundation of a healthy community. Local farmers and ranchers open the door to re-connecting with the natural systems around us, with ourselves and with each other. I can’t wait to explore topics with you such as the value of food, the role of the community in supporting a balanced food system, addressing challenges through technology and collaboration, and why food is so much more than calories and flavor, to name a few.

Stay tuned as we embark on this adventure together!