Staff + Board

BCFM Staff

For general inquiries, please email [email protected] regarding on street markets or [email protected] regarding our online markets. Thank you!


Brian Coppom, Executive Director

[email protected]

Market favorites: “Over-wintered carrots and spinach—it’s vegetable candy!”

I love the farmers market because… “I feel connected and happy when I’m at the market—chatting with the farmers, buying the best produce available, and saying hello to my neighbors and friends.”

Outside of the market, you will find me… “Outside of the markets? I’m not sure I understand the question.”


Nancy Coppom, Finance Director

[email protected]

Market favorites: “Spinach!”

I love the farmers market because…”of the great community and knowing exactly who grows my food and how they grow it, and that it is nutrient dense and grown with love and care.” 

Outside of the market, you will find me…”hanging out with my family, walking or biking in nature, flower & vegetable gardening, reading and binge watching Netflix!”


Emmy Bender, Online Markets Operations Manager

[email protected]

Market favorites: “Tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, freshly baked bread, tomatoes….and tomatoes!

I love the farmers market because… “it’s a space where people can come together around a shared love for food and community. It makes me so happy to see other people light up over the same produce that brings me joy – and to soak in other people’s excitement about products I’ve never even tried!”

Outside the market, you will find me… running, reading, and gardening!


Hannah Stewart, On Street Markets Operations Manager

[email protected], 720.840.0529

Market favorites: “Impossibly heavy watermelons, wonky squash, and all of the greens.”

I love farmers markets because…”I can get samples, a chat with the farmer, and the most beautiful, most delicious produce all in one place.”

Outside the market, you will find me…”planning my next meal and/or waiting for everyone else to get hungry!”


Rosie Skovron, Longmont Saturday/Boulder Wednesday Coordinator

[email protected], 720.840.0533  

Market favorites: “Beets, carrots, and freshly-baked bread!”

I love farmers markets because… “I get to meet and appreciate the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to the incredibly difficult work of growing food.”

Outside the market, you will find me… “In my free time you can find me trail running, backpacking, and doing crossword puzzles! “


Josh Kumin, Denver Union Station Coordinator

[email protected], 720.837.1361

Market favorites: “Apriums, garlic scapes and kale!”

I love farmers markets because… “I am surrounded by a community that cares about stewardship in agriculture and sourcing locally.. and of course all of the delicious produce!”

Outside the market, you will find me… “Biking, playing volleyball, journaling, hiking, exploring”


Mickey Davis, Food Access Specialist

[email protected], 720.551.6052

Market favorites: “I have never met a vegetable I didn’t like.”

I love farmers markets because… “Shopping at the farmers market is one of the greatest ways to support your health, the community, and the environment, in such an efficient and delicious way.”

Outside the market, you will find me…”exploring, meeting new people, trail running, soaking up the sun.”



Board of Directors

Our nonprofit is directed by a Board of Directors, who serve three-year volunteer terms with the organization. Each year, applications for the Board are open throughout January. Please contact Brian at [email protected] if you have any questions about the BOD application process. If you wish to contact the Board, please email [email protected] Thank you!

  • Dan Secrist, President
  • Jill Skokan, Treasurer
  • Matt Kay, Secretary
  • Jill Stravolemos
  • Josh Olsen
  • John Ellis
  • Christian Toohey
  • Dana Faulk-Query
  • Krisan Christensen
  • Melissa Miller
  • Chloe Johnson