Supporting Member Program

Our membership program returns to continue it’s success with your support. Become a supporting member of the market!

Last year we had 100 Founding Members, and raised $5,500 to support our guaranteed minimum sales program.  We had one business sponsor Eldorado Spring Water who contributed $2,500 towards the cause as well. Your commitment helped us donate over 1,480 lbs of local produce and meat to Community Food Share.

What we learned – the donated food cost $8,085 . We hope to keep this program and fully fund it this year!

Many components go into creating and coordinating a successful market, but ultimately markets wouldn’t happen without our local farmers and the community members that shop there. Our farmers are members of our markets, we say why not you too.

We love bringing growers only markets to communities throughout Colorado, but typically it is the farmers who take the lion’s share of risk in a new market. Their goods are perishable and costly to grow, harvest, and bring to market. In an effort to mitigate this risk, BCFM is developing a new market model that guarantees farmers and ranchers minimum sales needed to cover their basic costs of coming to market. The farmers, in turn, can then commit to attending the entire season. Produce purchased to meet the minimum is donated to local nonprofits.

A community membership program funds these minimum purchases. We are debuting this program with our newest market in Lafayette. Residents of Lafayette can now become Supporting Members of the Lafayette Farmers Market. In addition to helping distribute risk, the program –

  • strengthens community connection
  • offers monthly highlights and deals at market
  • establishes a bond with your neighborhood market for years to come

The membership for community members is $55 for the season. Want to become a sponsoring business member? Email Elyse Wood at [email protected] for more information.

To support your local farmers and the new Lafayette Farmers Market please fill out the form below to be become a founding member then click through the link to complete the payment for your membership.

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You can also mail your membership fee of $55 to 5445 Conestoga Court, Suite 150, Boulder, CO 80301. You can make the check out to Boulder County Farmers Markets.