Applying to be a vendor with Boulder County Farmers Markets


Applications for Farmers, Ranchers, Packaged and Prepared Vendors, artisans, community groups, and musicians are now closed. We are no longer accepting late applications. Please see below only for reference purposes. 


Please only apply if:

  • You grow or produce your own product (no reselling or co-packers)
  • Your product is grown or made in Colorado (preference paid to product grown/made closest to the market your applying)
  • Interested or transitioning to using local sourced ingredients

Before entering into the application, please download the following documents for review and your records (signatures needed at the time of application):

  • 2018 Rules & Regulations – These are draft rules and regulations for Boulder County markets for your review and questions. Signature page will be available pending board approval. Please note you will need to sign these once you are approved. We ask you to review before submitting your application. Denver rules and regulations are expected to be the same aside from the fees which are listed in the application for your reference.
  • Zero Waste Agreement – In all our operations, we strive to reduce waste by asking all vendors to adhere to the Zero Waste Guidelines outlined in this document.
  • Boulder County Public Health form – This step is required for all markets except Union Station. This will help BCPH guide vendors towards correct licensing. This is not your food license application, although your license will be due before markets begin.
Please have the following information available for upload at the time of application:
  • 2018 Crop/Product List (farmer/rancher)
  • 2018 Ingredient and Sourcing List (packaged/prepared)
  • Map and Lease of Farmed Property (farmer/rancher)
  • Lease of Commercial Kitchen (packaged/prepared)
  • Previous years invoices reflecting local ingredient purchases for prepared and packaged (not required, but will strengthen application).
Upload now or email later (is required before markets open):
  • Applicable food license (remember to follow this link and fill out this form with Boulder County Public Health, it is required)
  • Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 added liability with BCFM as additionally insured)
  • State and City Sales Tax Licenses
  • Weights & Measures (if applicable)