Why Choose Local Food?

Make your dollars count, and your community thrive. There are many benefits to supporting your local food system. Here are just a few.

1) Quality, Taste & Health

– Experience the quality and impeccable taste of local food. Food that has been picked within two days of getting on your table is crisp and more flavorful.

– Fill your body with nutrient-dense and mineral-rich foods. Picked fresh food retains its nutrients longer than produce that’s traveled long distances before it hits your plate.

2) Connection

РLearn the story behind your food more intimately. Get to know your grower, and how your food was grown. 

– Support your agriculture neighbors directly.

– Meet more members of the community and share the common thread of food.

3) Boost Local Economy

РKeep money in our community, and therefore boost our economy and resilience. Money spent locally  to farmers will be invested back locally.

4) Stewardship

– Invest in our local lands by supporting agriculture stewardship. By doing so you are investing in more open space lands and the individual work that each farmer bestows on the land they sow.

– Reduce our nation’s carbon footprint by decreasing miles traveled.


It’s that simple. An easy investment that pays off big.