Local food has the power to bring people together. And not just because we’re all hungry.

Since 1987, the Boulder County Farmers Market has worked to cultivate the impact of local food from the ground up. With growers and members that offer produce and products that are completely Colorado grown, graised, and owned, you can feel like a legit locavore.

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Purchasing local produce makes a whole lot more do-gooding possible.

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Caution: This produce may lead you to believe you’re a better cook than you actually are.

10 Reasons to shop weekly with the Boulder County Farmers Market

  1. Stocking up is the best way to show your local farmer some love.
  2. Good food is made by good dirt. And that makes for a better planet.
  3. Produce orders are picked out by the only people pickier than you—Us.
  4. Supporting farmers supports your local community. It’s that forehead-slapping-ly simple.
  5. Whether you’re into ugly produce or the beautiful stuff, we’ve got it here.
  1. Calories don’t count when you’re helping local farmers.
  2. Shop here to show you give a shiitake about local water rights.
  3. Apples may keep the doctor away, but literally everyone else is here.
  4. Our farmers aren’t played by Hollywood extras, they’re the real deal.
  5. Local food for 100%ers.

Our Street Markets


Saturday 8am to 2pm

13th Street between Arapahoe Ave & Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, CO
Apr 2 - Nov 19, 2022


Saturday 8am to 1pm

Boulder County Fairgrounds
9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO
Apr 2 - Nov 19, 2022


Wednesday 4pm to 8pm

13th Street between Arapahoe Ave & Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, CO
May 4 - Oct 5, 2022

What's Fresh This Week

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