Take 5

Supporting local food just got simple.

Strengthening your community and shifting your local food system toward positive change starts with small, simple actions that swell into big impact. All it takes is 5.

You can Take 5 however, and whenever, you like. With a simple tweak to your routine to Take 5 for local, you help serve up things like fair wages for farmers, food equality for your neighbors, and a thriving local ecosystem for all.

When you Take 5, you’re:

Strengthening your local community
Lifting up the local economy
Supporting biodiversity
Funding fair wages for farmers
Enhancing your health
Strengthening soil health
Advocating for local agriculture
Filling your table with deliciousness
Reducing CO2 emissions

If every family in Colorado
spent an extra $5 a month
on locally-grown and -made food, that would equate to
over $127 million dollars
supporting our local economy
and strengthening our communities.