Empty plates? Not on our watch.

We believe everyone deserves to feed their family fresh, local, nutrient-dense food. Our food access programs help expand financial access to this food and invests in economic opportunities for local producers. Our market is a place where everyone in our community should feel invited to gather and shop for local food. Thanks to our food access programs, we’re closer to making it a reality every day.

Incentives are available year-round at our on-street markets and online. To receive incentives at our farmers markets, visit our orange info booth in Boulder and Longmont.

SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks

With Double Up Food Bucks, customers shopping with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) receive up to $20 in additional incentives to purchase Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables. SNAP benefits will be matched dollar-for-dollar to be put toward Colorado grown, fresh fruits and vegetables, up to $20 per visit.

SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks
How to shop with SNAP

How to shop with SNAP

Swipe your EBT card at the information tent to get SNAP bucks to purchase SNAP eligible foods anywhere in the market. For every dollar you withdraw from your SNAP account, you will receive an equal amount of Double Up Bucks which can be used to buy fresh fruits and vegetables up to $20 per visit. Just visit the information booth to receive your Double Up currencies! Click here for more information on the Double Up Program, and to apply to SNAP.

Shop our online store, pay with your EBT card at pick up, and receive up to $20 off fresh fruits and veggies each week! Your “Double Up Discount” applies to fresh fruits and veggies (not packaged goods) and will cover half your order, up to $20. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to https://bcfm.localfoodmarketplace.com: Click “Sign Up” to create an account. Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Please note your username and password for future use.
  • Select: “I will pay using a SNAP CARD when I pick up my order” and shop away! For pickup in Longmont and Denver, the online store opens Tuesday at 8am and closes Thursday at noon. For pickup in Boulder and Lafayette, the online store opens Sunday at 8am and closes Tuesday at 1pm.
  • When you click on an item, it will display the Double Up Discount logo if it is eligible for the Double Up Discount. You may search for Double Up Discount items by clicking “Attributes” and selecting “Double Up Discount.” To get the most of the double up benefit, at least half your order should be fruits and vegetables. Please do not add any items to your cart that are not SNAP eligible (flowers, non-food items, or alcohol).
  • Go to: “Check Out.” The total you see will not necessarily be the amount that will be charged to your EBT card. Press submit (nothing will be charged to your card at this time).
  • Use the code “SNAP” to waive the $4.99 pick up fee.
  • Your order will be reviewed by our Food Access Specialist to ensure that your order meets guidelines. You will receive a confirmation of the dollar amount owed at pick up from [email protected]
  • Arrive at the curbside pick up location at the given time. Bring your EBT card and your confirmation email. Collect your items, pay for your order with your EBT card, and enjoy!

Please note: Paper coupons may not be used for online purchases. This includes paper SNAP bucks, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC bucks and Veggie bucks. You may use these at our traditional On Street Markets. Boulder County Farmers Markets may restrict future ordering for individuals who fail to collect orders at the time of pick up.


The Women, Infants, and Childrens (WIC) program supports healthy eating for families with young children.

How to shop with WIC

How to shop with WIC

Receive $80 ($60 in WIC Veg bucks and $20 in WIC bucks) once a month while markets are open on the market day of your choice. To be eligible, the six numbers written on the front of your punch card MUST match the last 6 digits of your WIC card. Punch card must be presented in person with your WIC card. To request a new card, please contact your local WIC office or WIC educator. Cards will be distributed by mail at the beginning of each market season, and will replace the WIC stickers.

Families who are eligible for WIC and who are unable to make it in-person to our farmers markets can sign up to receive fresh, free home deliveries, also known as CSA shares (Community Supported Agriculture) from the Farmers Market. Here’s how:

  • Contact your WIC educator to learn more about how to enroll. WIC CSA Members receive a weekly share ($20 bag of local food) delivered on Tuesdays between 9 am – 5 pm year round. New sign-up periods open every 3 months.
  • This program is supported by the City of Boulder Sugary Beverages Tax, the Boulder County Sustainability Tax, Nourish, CO, and Longmont Housing and Human Services.

Fruit & Veg Boulder

Fruit & Veg Boulder helps City of Boulder individuals and families who are not eligible for food assistance programs. Participants receiving services or enrolled at partner organizations receive $40 or $80 per month, depending on household size, to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets, as well as Whole Foods Market on Pearl St., Ideal Market on Alpine St., and El Valle Tienda on 30th St.

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Fruit & Veg Boulder

Farm To Early Care and Education

Farm to Early Care and Education (FTECE) in partnership between Boulder County Public Health and Boulder County Farmers Markets that connects our farmers with local childcare centers and preschools by providing weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables to our youngest members of the community. This produce is used in meals, snacks, taste tests, and art projects.

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Farm To Early Care and Education

Food Rescue

We are proud to partner with Boulder Food Rescue and Longmont Food Rescue to reduce food waste and support sustainable redistribution of healthy food to low-income community members across Boulder County.




Food Rescue

The Impact of Access

Our Partners in Access

No work this large is undertaken alone. Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) has been a true advocate and participant in building these programs from the ground up. Other funding and partnerships are made possible through:


  • Boulder County Public Health
  • Nourish Colorado
  • City of Boulder – Health Equity Fund
  • Longmont Housing and Human Services
  • Longmont Sustainability Tax
  • Boulder County Sustainability Tax
  • Boulder County Area Agency on Aging
  • Via Mobility Services