Plant-based finds at the farmers market

The Boulder and Longmont Farmers Markets offer a wide range of products from seasonal produce, to locally grazed meat, and freshly baked bread. Among the variety of products is something to please every shopper. 

Folks following a plant-based diet are not left out of the array of choices at the farmers market with alternative proteins, sweet treats, and fermented goodies aplenty. Check out this list of plant-based farmers market finds and add something to your shopping list this week.

Alternative Proteins

Make any meal more satiating with Project Umami tempeh. This Boulder-based company has several options for shoppers. Select a block of tempeh and create the perfect tempeh reuben sandwich or simply fry it up in the oil of your choice. For something more ready-to-eat, try Project Umami Protein Strips – pre-seasoned and sliced for your convenience to easily add to bowls, sandwiches, or enjoy on their own. They even offer tempeh burgers so non-meat eaters are never left out of a summer barbecue. Stop by their booth at the Boulder and Longmont Farmers Markets this Saturday and try a still sizzling sample before you buy!

I Love HeartBeets is another delicious option for those looking for plant-based alternatives at market. Try one of their burgers – made from beets sourced from local farms – on a Hävenly Baked Goods gluten-free bun at your next grill out. Visit their booth at the Boulder Farmers Market on a hot day and cool down with some delicious beet lemonade. Your pup can even join in the fun with their unBEETable dog treats!

Best One Yet milkshake at Boulder Wednesday Farmers Market.

Sweet Treats

A crowd pleaser to all is Best One Yet ice cream! Everything they serve out of their colorful ice cream truck is plant-based, so whether you get a traditional ice cream flavor or seasonal milkshake, expect everything to be deliciously dairy-free.

Need something even more refreshing? Look no further than one of our popsicle vendors, or dip your spoon in a freshly shaved snow cone. Depending on the market you may find Denver Pops, Revolution Pops, or Summer Snow. All of these vendors have delicious dairy-free treats for a hot farmers market day.

Bibamba cacao nibs.

For chocolate lovers, all of Bibamba’s offerings – which include a selection of chocolate bark, spread, cocoa nibs, and truffles – are dairy-free and can be found at the Boulder Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings and at the Longmont Farmers Market on Saturdays! If you are lucky, you may stumble upon a market with guest vendors serving up even more chocolate options.

Pantry Staples

Stock your pantry with jars of fermented veggies that not only add flavor to your meals, but improve your digestion too! Pickled beets, green beans, and garlic are an easy addition to a salad or a perfect snack on their own. Check out a wide selection of pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut that will make a flavor-packed topping for a summer veggie burger right off the grill (or finish off that tempeh reuben sandwich perfectly). Between vendors like Know Your Roots, Mountain Girl Pickles, and Happy Pickle Company there are plenty options to suit your every pickle need.

No matter your diet, it is likely your pantry is stocked with nut butters that add a little protein and healthy fats to any meal. The perfect addition to your collection is a spread from Ray Road Nut Butter. With creative combinations like vanilla bean sea salt and cocoa maple, think nut butter toast, the smoothie or your dreams, or a swirl on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Although, once you’ve had a taste, you may just be eating it straight off of a spoon!

The great thing about all of these plant-based products and vendors is that their offerings are truly delicious to a shopper of any dietary preferences. Our meat eating customers love Project Umami tempeh and our dairy-loving younger shoppers gobble up Best One Yet ice cream. Stop by the Boulder Farmers Market this evening from 3:30-7:30 PM for the chance to sample a few of these delicious, locally-made products!

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