Daikon Oroshi (English Recipe)

Daikon Oroshi is a form of grated daikon popular in Japan. It is often used as a condiment that pairs well with fried, greasy foods like fried fish or fried tempura vegetables. Daikon Oroshi can also be used in hot soups or with Japanese Soba noodles.


  • Daikon Oroshi is best fresh.
  • Some say that grating your daikon when you are mad will come out extra spicy.


Daikon Oroshi


1 Daikon Radish (White)

Soy sauce (Optional)


To make Daikon Oroshi,  peel your radishes and put them through a food processor or blender. If you do not have a blender or food processor, use a fine grater and grate your daikon in a circular motion. Once grated, drain the juices being careful to keep enough juice to retain flavor and texture. Removing too much juice will cause the Daikon Oroshi to lose flavor and become dry. Serve with your favorite fried foods, in noodles, or with soup. 

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