Meet The Fresh Herb Company

Chet and Kristy Anderson have been an integral part of the Boulder County farming community (and farmers markets) since the eighties.

Picture this: a flower farm tucked between the rolling hills and dirt roads of Boulder County. Peonies blow with the breeze as water trickles through the creek that snakes through the property. In the winter, the greenhouse serves as a warm, humid oasis from Colorado’s bitter and dry climate. And if that’s not charming enough, an old school house with the year 1887 engraved into the stone still stands, letting visitors know that this kind of beauty has existed in Boulder County for a long, long time.

This isn’t the scene of a Disney movie – instead, it’s Chet and Kristy Anderson’s fresh herb and flower farm in Longmont. They moved to this property in the eighties and started their farming journey with vegetables. The Andersons hit their stride selling gourmet salad greens for restaurants and grocers throughout the Rocky Mountain region until, eventually, other farmers caught on to the specialty crop. Adaptable as farmers always are, the Andersons pivoted and set their sights on a new endeavor: ornamental flower farming. 

It’s difficult now to imagine the Andersons farming anything other than flowers and herbs: their impeccable eye for beauty becomes apparent when you visit the farm. The fields are neat and tidy, the greenhouse is exquisitely organized, and their storage space is mindfully decorated with news clippings and photos detailing the farm’s history. The farm doubles as a special event venue in the summer, featuring lush green backdrops mixed in with their historic brick buildings.

Combine their eye for beauty with a passion for farming, and it’s no surprise that The Fresh Herb Co. has become such a staple in the Boulder County farming community. In addition to building their thriving business, the Andersons have played a pivotal role in making Boulder County Farmers Markets what it is today: Chet was one of the seven farmers who founded the market, and Kristy served on the Board of Directors from 2012 to 2018.

After taking a break from the farmers markets after the pandemic, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them back at the Boulder Saturday market full-time this season! In addition to their wide selection of culinary herbs, expect to see their lilies, peonies, and sunflower bouquets throughout the season. Plus, they offer gorgeous house plants – including jaw-dropping mature jade plants – that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Visit The Fresh Herb Co. at the Boulder Farmers Market Saturdays between 8AM to 2PM. For special services (including flower subscriptions and venue inquiries), visit their website.

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