The Corner on Canyon

Creating our market maps each season is like playing a 33-week-long game of Jenga. Seasonal crops like asparagus pop in and out, guest vendors rotate through the markets every week, while fruit vendors all but take over the markets come peach season. To support as many producers as possible, we always aim to make the most out of our tight market space to bring you over 100 vendors each season. A key part of making that possible at the Boulder Farmers Market is the stretch of space along Canyon Boulevard, dubbed by our market as the Corner on Canyon. If you haven’t made it around the bend to check out these vendors, read on to learn more about what you can find on Canyon this season!

Five Freedoms Dairy

Dr. Kevin McSweeney started his dairy with an ambitious goal: to keep calves with their mothers. At most dairy farms, calves are quickly weaned from their mothers in order for the farmer to harvest their milk. Kevin keeps babies with their mamas for up to six months before he begins the weaning process. The result is highly-ethical, delicious, and fresh dairy products from his farm in Loveland. Try his milk, ricotta, greek yogurt, and more at the farmers markets every Saturday.

Wisdom’s Natural Poultry

Jay and Cindy Wisdom’s fourth-generation farm in Haxton, Colorado, provides a stress-free environment for their chickens. They are fed an all-natural diet with no antibiotics or growth hormones and enjoy access to fresh water and sunshine daily. Wisdom’s Natural Poultry sells whole chickens as well as parts, and when they are available, farm-fresh eggs. 

La Esmeralda’s

Keep things spicy by visiting La Esmeralda’s booth for tortilla chips, a wide range of flavorful salsas, and delicious tamales! Their family-owned and operated business is a fan favorite among marketgoers, and their salsas are a must-have for any Memorial Day festivities this weekend. 

XLVII Bakery

XLVII Bakery’s owner, Léon, comes from a long line of chefs and bakers. After growing up on the border of France and Germany, he came to America in 2017, where he found a profound lack of an authentic Bavarian pretzel. He took it upon himself to start XLVII’s Bakery to correct that. In remembering his roots, he has incorporated French and German cultures in his baking.

MASA Farm & Seed Foundation

Richard Pecoraro founded MASA Farm and Seed Foundation after moving to Boulder to create a bio-regional seed bank for the Front Range of Colorado. They cultivate 50 acres of land and hand-select the most resilient plants to harvest their seeds. And as for the rest of those delicious plants? Their produce will be for sale along with their seeds at the market all season!

Haykin Family Cider

Haykin Family Cider is an award-winning small-batch cidery run by husband and wife team Daniel and Talia Haykin.They produce a sparkling wine-like cider in a variety of sweetness levels that play off of their unique selection of apples, sourced from Masonville Orchards outside of Fort Collins and Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss.

Pappardelle’s Pasta

Founded in 1984, Pappardelle’s Pasta weaves in traditional Italian techniques to create unique, flavorful dried pastas. They slow-dry their hand-cut pasta over a two-day process in custom-created drying rooms with special airflow patterns that mimic how pasta was hung on a clothesline to dry in the gentle Mediterranean breeze in Italy. Their wide assortment of pastas pair perfectly with the fresh produce you can get at the market.

Best One Yet

Best One Yet makes 100% vegan and gluten-free organic coconut milk ice cream in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic to new favorites, like Rocky Mountain Road and Cookie Dough Dream, as well as lots of fun seasonal flavors like Strawberry Jam, Colorado Peach and Pumpkin Pecan.

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